ZebraBlinds TDBU Light Filtering Cellular Shades

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ZebraBlinds Light Filtering Cellular Shades are designed with light filtering fabric material which allows diffused light in while offering privacy and cutting down on excessive glare and UV rays.

If you are looking to add a designer-worthy look for your windows while keeping them functional and practical, then these TDBU light filtering cellular shades are an amazing choice. The top down bottom up mechanism allows you to create the perfect balance between natural light and privacy at any time of the day. The shades are designed with light filtering fabric material which allows diffused light in while offering privacy and cutting down on unwanted glare and UV rays. If harsh daylight is making your space uncomfortable, then use the light filtering fabric to diffuse the sunlight.

The top down bottom up mechanism allows you to adjust the shade from both ends, letting in sunlight from the bottom or the top of the window as you see fit. Have the shade cover the bottom half of the window while leaving the top exposed so that you can have privacy while enjoying the sunlight. The shades come in endless colors and texture options for a magnificent appeal.


  • TDBU functions let you enjoy both natural lighting and privacy at the same time.
  • Light filtering fabric allows only gentle light beams that keep the interior refreshing and alluring throughout the day. And the shades are also responsible for blocking glare and UV rays coming through the windows.
  • The shades reduce the need for artificial or natural light and provide energy saving benefits while saving energy bills.
  • Their minimal design and relaxed appearance increase the value of your space. Customizing will help you to create a fashion statement for your decor.
  • Superior quality materials make the shades reliable and durable for every window.

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Cleaning Methods

This product can be safely cleaned by:
spot cleaning

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Five year limited manufacturer warranty

This product is warranted against original defects in materials or workmanship as long as the original purchaser owns the product

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Product Specifications
Min WidthMax WidthMin HeightMax Height
Cordless 15" 85" 18" 85"

Minimum Depth Requirements
OptionMinimum Depth
Minimum Mounting Dept Inside Mount 3/4"
Minimum Flat Vertical Surface Outside Mount 3/4"
Available Options

- Cordless Lift (Standard)

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