Z-Wave Sheer Horizontal Shades

Make your lifestyle more advanced and smarter by choosing Z-wave sheer horizontal shades, and access them with your voice-controlled assistant, smartphone, or tablet. Going for corded window treatments makes your home outdated and old-fashioned. But these smart sheer shades provide an elegant and dramatic look to your interior. These shades use a Home Automation Radio Frequency known as Z-wave and don't require any bridge to communicate with a Z-wave smart hub. 

Custom sheer horizontal shades are consisted of two sheer fabric layers which protect your home from damaging UV rays, harsh sunlight, and glare. When you open the vanes of these sheer horizontal shades, they will gently diffuse the excess sunlight to keep your room atmosphere cool and comfortable throughout the year, while providing an unobstructed view and when the vanes are closed, the shades will obstruct some of the light and provide privacy.


What are the Benefits of Z-wave Sheer Horizontal Shades?

  • They do not have any dangling cords, making them very safe for kids and pets.
  • Upgrading to these smart sheer shades will increase the value of your home and at the same time enhance your security level with scheduled timers. 
  • Smart sheer horizontal shades come with a Graber Virtual cord Z-Wave remote with additional single channel or multi channel remotes available. 
  • To control the window shades, you can connect your smartphone to your Z-Wave network and the SmartThings app.
  • Google home or Amazon echo (Alexa) can also help you adjust your window screens. Make sure that your smart hub is compatible with these voice assistants and just use your voice to control the Z-wave horizontal shades.
  • The motor of the shade is specially designed to maintain a consistent speed regardless of the size or weight.
  • Virtual cord sheer shades have an assured warranty of five years on the fabric, motor, and  accessories (excluding batteries).

Z-wave sheer horizontal shades are the combination of the functionality of a window blind with the beauty of a window shade. So get them now as we are offering a great deal on sheer shades and enjoy a luxurious lifestyle. Also get the benefits of free samples, free shipping, and easy customization offered by ZebraBlinds. Browse our full section or contact us for more information!