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Smart window shades with Z-wave technology are the best way to bring home automation to your window treatments. Unlike many other automated blinds, these Z-wave smart shades can connect directly to compatible Z-wave smart home hubs, giving you excellent functionality with remote control, smartphone control, and even voice control. These smart window blinds have a built-in Z-wave chip that makes life easier as they can easily set up with your existing smart home devices and z-wave hubs.

Smart roller shades are one of the most popular types of smart shades due to their excellent versatility and different styles available. These motorized shades are beautiful and modern window coverings that provide a sleek look to your windows. With a variety of fabrics from light filtering to blackout to suit your needs, you can get the perfect type of shade for any room.


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What is Z-wave motorization?

Motorized window treatments come in a variety of different motor types and styles. In most cases, motorized blinds communicate using RF (radio frequency) and are compatible with RF remote controls. However if you try to get smart shades or smart blinds solutions, those same shades often must connect to a proprietary smart hub.

With Z-wave motorization, the shades themselves communicate using Z-wave, which is a communication protocol used by many smart hubs. This allows you to connect the shades directly to any compatible hub, as they will usually show up as a dimmer switch. This means you have complete and total home automation control and can use the Z-wave smart hubs of your choice. We recommend using Samsung SmartThings with these shades.

How do you automate roller shades?

Since the somfy motorized shades are connected to your Z-wave network, you can set scenes that include the shades - for example setting a schedule that lowers your shades at the same time that your lights turn on. Simply follow your hub's instructions like any other smart device to control your blinds remotely with the smart phone app. You can even connect voice assistants such as Amazon Echo or Google Home to send commands to your shades using your voice.

Are automated smart blinds worth it?

Automated smart roller shades add a degree of functionality and convenience never seen before in our homes. It's easy to forget that in most cases, we only operate our blinds and shades once or twice a day because it's too much of a hassle to run around the house. With simple voice commands or scheduled operations, you can control multiple blinds throughout your home at the same time, adjusting for time of day, heat control in different parts of the home, and more. These possibilities add up to increased energy efficiency and convenience.

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