Yellow Dual Shades

Yellow Dual Window Shades

In dual window shades, each window shade is designed to produce a certain ambiance and serve a few benefits to your home. One of the rolls can be a blackout shade that blocks light and heat from entering in. The other roll can be a light filtering or solar material that filter the light, blocking UV rays while allowing you to view outside. With two types of fabrics in one housing, dual shades let you adjust each layer the way you want to according to your needs at different times of day. This makes them more versatile than most other window shades.

If you want to create a stylish look for your home, make sure that you select the right color for your window treatments. As the color of the window treatments is responsible for the ambiance of your home, you should be confident about the color you choose. Love the beauty of a bright and pleasant atmosphere in your home? Choose Yellow Dual Window Shades for your doors and windows. Yellow is a color that signifies happiness and joy, and also makes your room look brighter.


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Dual Blackout Roller Solar Shades

The Dual Blackout Roller Solar Shades work great in darkening the room in one go. For someone who works during the nights and sleep throughout the day, the dual blackout roller shades help create a dark ambiance that brings the feel of the night even during the day. They are perfect for the office spaces where they need to create a dark ambiance for effective presentations etc during the day.

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