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Roller Solar Shades

Let’s play with the sun within your indoor easily and smoothly. If you are thinking how; then use our Roller – Solar Shades to let the sunlight enter your room when you need and achieve blackout when you don’t need. Sunlight is a factor that enhances your indoor with bright illumination and warmth nature. So, utilize these factors to adorn your indoor while using our Graber® or Crown Solar Shades. These are smooth, unique and effective sun protectors that allow to you play with the sun. Graber® LightWeaves® Shades make your indoor cozy while diffusing the proper sunlight with sustainable privacy. Crown Light filtering or Blackout shades provide you the ultimate control on desired light and privacy level.

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We believe that Roller – Solar Shades are window sunglasses. They protect your indoor from sun glare, sun exposure, and direct UV rays. If you need sunlight and it harms your skin, then your enjoyment and sun bath will not be healthy. Our Roller shades are sun protector. Once they will on your windows, they won’t allow sunlight to enter easily and harm your wooden furniture and floors. Using these shades you can even have the sufficient diffused sunlight, but direct exposure or UV exposure will be reduced considerably. You can even choose the level of openness by selecting the transparency level like 3%, 5%, 10%, etc. More transparency means, better light diffusion and greater UV control.

Lower transparency will help you to achieve blackout or less sunlight for your indoor. You can these shades everywhere from indoor to outdoor, from patio to windows, from porches to French doors. They not only blocking the sun, they insulate your indoor from seasonal heat and cold. They reduce your energy bills by keeping your indoor atmosphere comfortable and cozy. Handling part is also smooth as you have support of a spring mechanism to raise or lower the shades. Even using bottom rail spring mechanism you can adjust the desired level shades height for a better view. You can even go for cordless or motorized control for smooth handling.