White Vertical Window Blinds

We all love vertical window blinds. As these are one of the most traditional types of window treatments, almost all of us have seen these in someone's home before. Though they are one of the oldest types of window treatments, the style and functionality that these window treatments offer are praised even today. They are the perfect choice for your wide and large windows. As they are strong and extremely efficient in blocking the heat and cold, while providing the desired privacy, these window treatments are in high demand. They are beautiful too. They are often installed  indoors next to your patio or sliding door. They are strong and are resistant to heat, dust, and sunlight. They are made up of different types of materials like fabric, PVC, wood, or vinyl, allowing you to customize them based on your needs and preferences.


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  1. 3 1/2 inches Graber PVC Vertical Blinds 39
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    3 1/2 inch Graber PVC Vertical Blinds

    3.5 in. PVC vertical blind vanes

    Large PVC vanes easy to clean and maintain

    Perfect for sliding doors and large windows

    retail : $170
    (36% OFF)
  2. 3 1/2 inches Fabric Vertical Blinds Graber 39
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    3½ inches Fabric Vertical Blinds Graber®

    3 1/2" fabric louvers that softly diffuse light

    Combine the look of soft drapery with a vertical blind

    Available in wide variety of colors and textures

    retail : $225
    (36% OFF)
  3. 3 1/2 Elite Graber Wood Vertical Blinds 39
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    3 1/2 inch Elite Graber Wood Vertical Blinds

    Add warmth and style to large windows and sliding doors

    Made from all-natural wood with sustainable practises

    retail : $615
    (39% OFF)
  4. Sheer Vertical Shades Graber 39
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    Sheer Vertical Shades Graber®

    Sheer fabric allows for softly diffused light and daytime privacy

    Looks beautiful on wide windows and sliding doors

    PVC vanes adjusted for additional light control when needed 

    retail : $844
    (32% OFF)

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Custom White Vertical Blinds

They are available in different types of fabrics, from sheer to room darkening fabrics or materials like PVC and wood. Customize these wonderful window treatments according to your requirements. They protect your home and your furniture from harmful sun rays and UV damage. They allow a cool and fresh breeze, providing you a lot of privacy and comfort. The slats of these window treatments, when closed, offer the required privacy and make you feel comfortable.

White Vertical Window Blinds make you feel especially pleasant and peaceful. They add elegance and style to your home. They make your room look bright and beautiful and create an atmosphere for a peaceful mind. Manufactured by Graber, they are made of high-quality materials and are perfect for your room and our home. Install these window treatments to your room and see the beautiful transformation that these window treatments give your home.

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