White Outdoor Shades

Exterior window treatments work well in shielding your home. Just as solar shades work well inside your home, they work quite efficiently outside as well. They serve your home's outdoors just like how a windshield works for your car. They protect your outdoors from all kinds of problems that are associated with the weather. They are strong and versatile. They help you in maintaining temperature control during extreme weather conditions. They help you to feel cool in your outdoors during the hard summers, making your outdoor spaces comfortable for your friends and family.They also block the sunlight entering your home that may cause harmful skin allergies and various other health issues. Specially designed for outdoors, these window treatments do a great job in blocking the harsh light and making you feel safe and secure while spending time in your backyard.


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  1. Crown Exterior Solar Shades 40
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    Crown Exterior Solar Shades

    Privacy features standard

    Decorative Valance

    Scratch & moisture resistant

    retail : $266.72
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  2. Graber Exterior Solar Shades 43
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    Graber Exterior Solar Shades

    Maintain view, Manage glare

    Block damaging UV rays

    Control temperature

    retail : $248
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White Exterior Solar Shades

But it's not just enough if you select the right window treatment, you can add style and aesthetics with the right choice of the color of the window treatments. The color of the window treatments and the wall paints you choose have the greatest impact on the look and the ambiance of your home.

There is a lot to know about our White Outdoor Sun Shades. White is elegant and it brings an unusual beauty and peace to your home. White Exterior Solar Shades create a beautiful and comfortable ambiance in your patio, pergola etc, adding luxury and beauty, all at once. They perform an extraordinary job in transforming the look of your patio and make them beautiful.

These White Exterior Sun Shades are available in various fabrics ranging from different openness percentages from 1 - 14% so you can choose the one that fits your style and requirements. The openness of these window treatments represents the transparency and the thickness of the fabric, with lower percentages blocking more light and providing more privacy, but obscuring more of your view. You can choose the perfect one that helps you to make your outdoors feasible and more comfortable.

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