White Dual Window Shades

Dual window shades can also be referred as Dual Purpose White Window Shades as they perform dual operations and serve your home with dual benefits. They add style and functionality to your home and serve your home in two different ways, allowing increased versatility in light control, aesthetics, and privacy. Dual window shades have two layers of window treatments in a single window treatment. The outer fabric of these window treatments is the light filtering shade, and the inner layer is the room darkening or blackout. You can roll down the required window shade and create the desired ambiance for your room. These window treatments let you create two types of rooms and ambiances in a single go. During the day when you want to let in the diffused light in you can roll down the light filtering fabric, and during the nights to experience complete privacy and light control, roll down the blackout shade and make your room darker.


White Double Window Shades

Dual Roller White Window Shades are an excellent choice offering more benefits than a standard roller shade. White colors help in reflecting natural light and creates a welcoming glow in any room when the light filtering fabric is lowered. If you want complete privacy or to blackout the room, the blackout fabric would do the job efficiently and look great doing it. White dual roller shades are unmatched in versatility and makes you fall in love with your windows all over again.