Virtual Cord Graber Mezzanine Layered Zebra Sheer Shades

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Zebra blinds introduces all new Graber Virtual Cord Z-Wave Mezzanine Layered Zebra Sheer Shades to the smart shades family. The shades can be controlled through Virtual Cord Remote, smartphones and voice assistants.

Graber's Virtual Cord Graber Mezzanine Layered Zebra Sheer Shades

can be used with any of the following

Google Home Assistant

Google Home*

Hey Google, close my shade
Amazon Alexa

Amazon Alexa*

Alexa, set my shade to 30%

Z-wave Remote

Open or close using an available remote
Z-wave Hubs

Z-wave Hubs

Compatible with most z-wave hubs
SmartThings Hub

SmartThings Hub*

Fully compatible with SmartThings

*Google Home, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa or Amazon Echo control requires a Samsung SmartThings Hub or a Hubitat Elevation Hub; ZebraBlinds only supports voice control using the hubs mentioned. Other z-wave hubs may allow voice assistant control, however, this is limited to the hub itself. These shades are compatible with most z-wave hubs such as Samsung's SmartThings, Hubitat Elevation, Homeseer, Vera, Wink, Nexia, Homeassisstant with a z-wave module and others.


Z-wave Compatible

Connects directly to your Z-wave smart hub. No additional bridges or dongles required. Two-way communication lets you see the status of your shades on your hub's app.

Voice Compatible

"Alexa, set the living room shades to 60%". Command your smart shades with your voice. It's as simple as that. Works with Amazon Alexa, Amazon Echo, Google Home and Google Assistant. *requires Samsung's SmartThings hub or Hubitat Elevation hub and voice assistant.

Control Anywhere, Anytime

Control your shades directly from your smartphone using your smart hub's app. See the status of your shades and adjust them from anywhere in the world (as long as you have wi-fi). *requres a Z-wave hub with smartphone app.

Versatile Power Options

Choose from battery power or plug-in power. Battery lasts 6-12 months with 1 open and 1 close per day. Power is swappable and can be switched at a later time if desired. Lithium Ion battereies recommended.

Automated Operation

Set schedules, routines and more. Let in the light in the morning, have your shades adjust during the day to heat certain rooms, or even according to the position of the sun. The possibilities are endless! *requires comptaible z-wave smart hub.

Easy Setup

No assembly required. Installation is simple and shades come pre-programmed. Setting up with a smart hub is a simple pairing process, and included instructions provides easy step-by-step solutions.

Child and Pet-Safe

No dangling lift cords means your shade is free from strangulation hazards and is child and pet-safe. Hang your shades with confidence and peace of mind!

Filters Natural Light

Reduces harsh glare, but still lets natural light through from direct sunlight, illuminating your room. Light control varies depending on fabric chosen.

Provides Privacy

Translucent fabric prevents prying eyes from seeing inside when fully closed. Shadows may be visible if standing close to the shade. Privacy varies depending on fabric chosen. Aligning sheer bands will allow you to see through.

Efficient Heat Control

Reduces heat gain from direct sunlight. Provides protection from UV rays.

Retains Your View

Designed to retain your view through the fabric. At 1% openness, movement and shapes can be seen. At 5%, most things can be seen with some detail. At 10%, your view will look like a tinted window.

This technology blended Graber sheer shades are well suited for homes with pets and kids since they eliminate the risk of strangling due to the openly hanging cord. Graber Mezzanine layered Sheer shades enable you to allow the sun in when it counts by aligning the sheer bands and on the other hand protect your belongings by blocking out the UV rays and glare completely when as needed. These smart sheer shades for windows come with fabric-wrapped cassette valences as well as multi color hembars which can be further customized to your personal interior style choosing from a large array of colors.

Virtual cord® integrated Graber sheer shades features inbuilt Z-wave chip which can be controlled with an included single channel remote or through a smartphone by connecting it to a Z-Wave compatible home automation Smart hubs (required for smartphone control). If you already have a smart home hub in your home, it may already have a Z-Wave antenna inside so connecting it to your smartphone is just a few taps away. These shades have a standard range of approximately 65 feet (20m) which can be conveniently operated from practically anywhere in the home. The unique low-voltage motor is designed to maintain a consistent motor speed with negligible noise regardless of the size or weight.


The automatic sheer shades have an assured warranty of five years on the components and accessories excluding the batteries. Further, these Z-Wave sheer shades have been tested successfully by ZebraBlinds with Samsung SmarThings® huband can also be controlled using "Voice assistants" compatible with SmartThings® for hands-free convenience (SmartThings hub and voice assistant speaker required). With easy installation steps and unparalleled looks, Graber Mezzanine Layered Zebra Sheer shades are the perfect choice for your windows.

The virtual cord z-wave motors and accessories are backed by a 5 year manufacturer warranty.


Light Gap

The Fabric Width is narrower than the Finished Shade Width of the tube and its components or Cassette Valance.

Control Type Motor End Idle End
Inside Mount
inches (cm)
Outside Mount
inches (cm)
Inside Mount
inches (cm)
Outside Mount
inches (cm)
Virtual Cord Motorized Lift 1 (2.6) 15/16 (2.4) 11/16 (1.8) 5/8 (1.6)

Product Specifications

Option Standard
Min Width Max Width Min Height Max Height
12V Z-wave Motor 16" 98" 12" 110"

Inside Mount Depth Requirements

Option Min Depth Mount Flush with Casing
12V Z-wave Motor 1 3/8" 3 5/8"

Approximate deductions for Graber mezzanine layered shades - Inside mount – 1/2 inch, Outside mount – no deduction. Since all Graber shades are custom/handmade there could be a tolerance of measurement (+/-) 1/8th inch.

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