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There are many types of window treatments available in the market. Each window treatment is different from the other. They offer us many choices with respect to style, functionality, color, features, and in many other ways, one example is the insulating blinds. If you are looking for the Top Window Treatment Trends to style up your windows and home in the best way, read on to learn more about these window treatments. We at ZebraBlinds analyzed the pulse of our customers and offer you our collection of Top Rated Window Treatments  so you can choose from only the best for your home.


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We have listed a few window treatments as Top Rated Window Treatments based on customer reviews and the popularity.

Smart Window Treatments

Smart window shades are considered as one of the Top Window Blinds.The convenience and luxury that these window treatments offer your home are immense, and makes them everyone's favourite They let you operate them with your own smartphone and also offer safety and security to your home. These window treatments are the ideal choice for the homes of kids, pets, elderly, and blind as they can be operated at regular intervals by setting a programme which means you don't have to reach out to these window treatments every time you want to open or close them. They are energy efficient and are great in safeguarding your home through privacy and scheduling that make your home seem occupied even when you are at work or away on vacation. Program them to move according to the temperature or time of day to cool or heat your rooms accordingly.

Motorized Window Treatments

Motorized window shades are easy to operate and they add style to your home. These window treatments do not have any dangling cords and hence they create a clean and complete look for your windows and your home. These window treatments can be operated with the help of a remote from anywhere in your home. They are the right choice to dress up your windows located in hard to reach areas. You do not have to reach out to your windows to operate them, so instead you can either open or close the window treatments with the touch of a remote button.

Celular window shades

Cellular window shades are known for their excellence in insulating the home and making it energy efficient. With their honeycomb fabric, these shades create an effective barrier between your windows and your interiors, providing better insulation than any other type of shade. They offer privacy, light control, insulation, and unique aesthetics. They are suitable for any room and fit any type of style. These window treatments are a strong favorite as they make your home a beautiful place while being extremely versatile and functional.

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