Temperature Control Blinds And Shades

Temperature control is extremely important during times of extreme climatic conditions. Whether it's the summer or the winter, we need to make sure our homes are ready to withstand the outdoor weather.. Doors and windows are the two main things that connect us with the outside world, and they are also responsible for the heat or cold entering our home. But with the perfect choice of window dressings, you can feel comfortable again, even during the hottest summers or the coldest winters. The right window treatment lets you feel safe and comfortable, even when the sun is burning outside or the winter is freezing the atmosphere. Let us know about the various Heat Blocking Blinds.

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 Detailed Features of Temperature Control Window Treatments

Cellular window shades 

Cellular window shades are one of the most efficient window sun shades in controlling the temperature of your home. Cellular shades are praised for their great resistance towards the outside temperature. Cellular shades are also known as honeycomb shades. As they comprise of a honeycomb structure, which is actually responsible for the heat blocking during the summers, they help keep you cool and comfortable inside your home. Cellular shades have the greatest R-value among window treatments, meaning they have the best resistancy capacity towards outside weather 

Dual shades

Dual shades are a wonderful choice to control the temperature of your home. They are one of the more ideal Heat Saving Blinds.

Dual shades have two built-in rollers, in which one is light filtering and the second is a blackout shade. These window treatments are the perfect choice as they are great in blocking the sun and the heat, and do not let the extreme weather impact the temperature of your home. Dual roller shades help you provide two types of ambiances for your home, and you can choose the perfect one based on your needs at the time. The light filtering fabric provides privacy while allowing diffused light in, and the blackout fabric totally blocks the view and makes your home energy efficient.

Custom plantation shutters

Plantation shutters are another beautiful way to dress up your window treatments and make it more energy efficient. The plantation shutters are great for controlling the heat loss or heat gain. They also offer the required privacy and light control for your rooms.

Roman Window Shades

Roman window shades are a popular favorite.They are available in a wide range of fabrics and colors, varying in different levels of openness, light control, insulation, and privacy. Roman shades are highly efficient and extremely beautiful. 

All the above-discussed window treatments work great in insulating your home and making it energy efficient. You will definitely see a tremendous difference in your energy bills. These window treatments help you to reduce your energy consumption and let you save on your energy costs.