Somfy is a trusted brand in the world of motorized shades and motorized solutions, providing excellent quality motors that are quiet, easy to use, and that provide convenient and effective control over your window coverings. The following motorized shades are equipped with the latest Somfy motors and Somfy motorized technology. Choose from Z-wave or RTS Somfy motors to fit the needs of your room and your home. Control these shades using a remote control, a programmed home automation schedule, your smartphone, or even using your voice. Somfy motorized blinds and shades help you personalize the windows of your home with a wide range of styles and materials. They bring the convenience of motorization to your home.

What types of Somfy motors are there?

A Somfy motor comes in two main varieties: RTS (Radio Technology Somfy), or Z-wave. These motors operate using different wireless protocols and therefore are not directly compatible with each other. They have different accessories and generally different uses.

An RTS Somfy motor communicates using radio frequency and is primarily controlled using remotes. The main advantage of RTS Somfy motors is that they have a wider variety of accessories and add-on controls. For example, you can get many different types of remotes, including wall switches or multi-channel table remotes, whereas Z-wave shades have a more limited selection. RTS Somfy motors also have a solar power option available, which Z-wave shades do not. Most critically, RTS Somfy motors are also available in higher voltage motors which allow them to go to larger sizes as the higher power motors can withstand the weight of larger shades.

Z-wave motors communicate using the Z-wave protocol, which allows these Somfy motors to connect directly to a Z-wave smart hub, allowing you to control them with a smartphone or even using a voice assistant such as Amazon Alexa or Google Home. If you have a Z-wave smart hub at home, or are primarily interested in smart homes and automation, then we strongly recommend taking a look at Z-wave motors. Unlike Z-wave motors, the RTS motors require an add-on bridge to connect to a Z-wave hub, and are more limited in functionality.

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What types of shades can use Somfy motors?

Somfy motorization is available in a wide variety of shades, including roman shades, roller shades, cellular shades, pleated shades, and more. There is a huge variety of Somfy powered shades so don't feel limited to a single style! Additionally, our wide selection of Somfy shades includes different power options, including battery operated, hard wired, plug-in power, and even solar power. Get the perfect shade to provide the best light control and privacy for your home, and bring your smart home to the next level.

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