Solar Powered Blinds - Solar Powered Window Shades

If you are looking for the most convenient and energy efficient window coverings, it doesn't get better than motorized shades or motorized blinds that run on solar power. These window treatments operate using a remote control or can have smart features like any other motorized shade, except they also are powered using a small solar panel connected to a rechargeable battery. This unique feature allows them to work flawlessly using renewable electricity, so long as they have access to ample sunlight. Solar powered blinds are a great choice for high up and out of reach windows that you can't be bothered to access to constantly change batteries, and they are a great asset to an energy efficient home.

Do solar panels really work?

Yes! Simply install the included solar panel to your window and plug it in to your shade, and it will trickle charge the battery on your shade over time. Solar panels work by providing a power source to a battery powered rechargeable motor. That said, please note that solar panels may not work for all windows - it is recommended that you have at least 6 hours of direct sunlight per day, which will charge the motor for one open and one close per day. So if you have less direct sunlight at that window, or if you operate those shades more often, then the solar panel may not be enough to power the shade for your needs. In that case you can supplement the shade with other power options such as plug-in power or battery power.

Are solar powered smart blinds a good idea?

A solar powered smart blind is a great idea if you don't want to change batteries on your shades as often, or not at all. They are a popular option on the smart blind market and are available in many window treatment styles, including roller shades and solar shades, and are available in materials ranging from great blackout shades to light filtering fabrics. Many smart blinds can be operated using remote controls, voice control, or even your smart phone. When connected to a smart hub, you can use voice commands to operate them using a voice assistant such as Google Home or Amazon Alexa.

Choose the right smart blinds to get the temperature control that you need throughout your entire home. Solar panel power can help reduce the additional cost on batteries needed for multiple shades, and are also great for second story windows that are hard to reach.

What is the average cost of solar powered motorized window treatments?

Solar powered motorized shades can be purchased at a reasonable price. On top of the regular shade costs, the solar panel kit is usually available from an additional $150-200. With proper installation and ample sun, the amount you save by having to not change batteries can really add up over the years.

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