Smart Blackout Shades

Installing blackout window shades integrated with smart features is the perfect texture and example of having a smart and luxurious home. Smart motorized blackout shades are the combination of elegance and sophistication, and prove to be a great addition for any room because of their excellent functionality and flexibility. They are ideal for hard to reach and large windows, and media rooms and bedrooms where you wish to have darkness and protection. Raise, lower, and tilt the shades with the push of a remote button, smartphone, or voice-controlled assistants which include Google Home and Amazon Echo. Smart mechanisms provides a clean, synchronized, and uniform appearance, and the cord-free features enables creating a safe home for the kids and pets.

There are various benefits of having these smart blackout shades - shift workers and toddlers can have an undisturbed sleep as the shades darken any space entirely. Apart from creating a dark room, there are various reasons to choose Z-wave blackout shades for your beautiful windows which include creating privacy and protecting furnishings from damaging sunlight and UV beams. For media rooms, the shades are a perfect choice as they can block out any outside light falling down on your television or screen. You can keep your heating and cooling costs down by keeping the direct sunlight out and maintaining a consistent temperature with the outside environment. Automate your shades using a smart hub app to operate on schedules or scenes or even with creative conditions in conjunction with other smart devices (such as operating according to the temperature in the room).

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