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Smart Motorized Shades - Z Wave Enabled

Our range of smart shades don't require any additional Z-Wave to RTS module connector; they come with a built-in Z-wave antenna for integration with your home automation system. A few benefits to mention are: 

  • Shade operation using your smartphone.
  • Efficiently manage the window treatments of hard-to-reach windows.
  • More security and convenience with scheduled timers.
  • Safe for kids and pets.

Until now, getting smart blinds and shades to work with an automated home system has been difficult — until the introduction of Z-Wave motorized window shade technology by Graber. With ZebraBlinds, Smart Homes are made easy.

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Highlights on Z-Wave Motorized Shades

Graber’s Z-Wave motors use the Z-Wave communication protocol, used by many smart home hubs and automated devices, including Samsung SmartThings. This technology works seamlessly with any home devices and allows integration between multiple products and manufacturers.

You get the ultimate level of control and functionality, and with Somfy's high quality and smooth motors, this means you enjoy better quality home window automation.

Smart Window Shades for Smart Homes

Setting up a smart home is not difficult anymore — which is why we test all the components, like hubs, motors, and blinds to ensure they work together as an integrated system. Also get free video tutorials and support to help get you started.

Usually, products of home automation systems are from different manufacturers, so getting proper support might be an issue and a frustrating experience for the customer.

Luckily, if you’ve shopped with and you have questions or issues about your Smart Window Shade setup, we will handle your inquiry and work to help you resolve the problem so you can get your blinds up and running. So, shop our selection of automated window treatments today!