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Our Smart Shades can be controlled by not only a remote, but also through home automation and your smart phone. Manufactured by Graber (one of the largest custom window covering manufacturers in North America, and backed by their warranty), the Virtual Cord Z-wave Shades can be connected to most home automation hubs that support Z-wave (Samsung's SmartThings, Wink, Vera, Nexia, HomeSeer, and more) and allows control and movement to any percentage between 0% - 100%. You can also automate the shades to open and close based on schedules, triggers, or even react to your HVAC system to help with heating and cooling, depending on the hub's feature set. Our smart motorized shades are available in light filtering or blackout fabrics for the ultimate light control.

With the option of using a remote, your phone (via a compatible hub) or even your voice (Google Home/Assistant and Amazon Alexa; requires a SmartThings hub) get yours today!

Google Home or Amazon Alexa

When connected to Samsung's SmartThings hub, these shades can be configured to respond to voice commands through any of Google's Home devices, Google Assistant or any of Amazon's Alexa-enabled devices. Commands the shades currently respond to are: Turn on, Turn off, Set "shade or group" to x percentage, and close.

Z-wave Home Automation Hubs

Our Smart Shades communicate using a frequency called Z-wave that is used by many home automation hubs. Z-wave capable home automation hubs and are designed to let various different devices, from door sensors and lights, to your HVAC system and shades, all work together under one network. Z-wave is a low power wireless mesh network which has the ability to extend your range endlessly while letting your devices run for long periods of time, especially if they are battery powered. Z-wave enabled hubs vary in cost and start as low as $70 for our highly recommended Samsung's SmartThings hub.

Through a smart hub, you can control your shades using your phone or other devices as well as set up automations based on temperature, movement, time, as well as many other triggers or events.Additional sensors compatible with the hub maybe required for some of these triggers or events.

RF Motorized Blinds and Shades

Radio Frequency (RF) Motors are what's most commonly used and found in most motorized window shades and blinds. Depending on the product the motors can vary between Somfy RTS Motors, Simplicity Motors and our own in house motors. The products with Somfy RTS motors are compatible with a Wifi and Z-wave bridge for basic automation controls, however, it is not as user friendly. The Cheap motorized shades are available in light filtering or blackout variants. Blackout motorized cellular shades are a great choice for bedrooms or tv rooms while light filtering versions are great for natural light.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to reach out to us through our live chat (located on the bottom right corner of the screen), or contact us.

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Motorized Blinds & Shades Vs Smart Shades

Regular somfy motorized shades work on the traditional RTS interface and use a Z-Wave bridge known as a ZRTSI (by Somfy) to connect with smart home automation systems. Additionally a Wi-Fi module known as My-Link by Somfy is also available for direct control from your smart phone if you don't have a home automation system.

Smart blinds are unique since they do not require a bridge to directly connect to a Smart Home Automation system. They have a built in Z-Wave module which allows direct integration as long as your home automation system supports the Z-Wave home automation protocol.

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