Skylight Window Shades

Skylight windows let us enjoy the beautiful view of the skies. While it is a joy to bask in the refreshingly pure aura of natural light and air, the flip side is that these windows also let in unwanted sunlight, heat, and harsh UV rays.

The leading manufacturing companies in the USA like Graber and Comfortex have developed custom-made Skylight Shades to suit any skylights, allowing you to enjoy the advantages of natural light while minimizing its drawbacks.

They are specially designed to reduce the glare, heat gain, and unwanted sunlight and UV exposure. Get versatile control over your hard to reach windows with the single cell or double cell fabrics to get light whenever you want it, and block it when you don't. This way you can harness maximum natural light into your home, while reducing your energy consumption considerably.


Usability of Solar Powered Skylight Shades

Unlike skylights with built-in shades, these custom-made skylight shades have a wide selection of elegant, attractive cellular fabrics.

Known for their unique honeycomb structure that traps air and avoids any heat loss/gain, you get to experience comfortable temperatures inside even in extreme weather conditions. You also have flexible options of a single cell or double cell fabrics depending on your insulation and light blockage needs.

For hard to reach windows, we suggest the use of skypoles or motorized shades for smooth and easy operation.

Motorized skylight window shades allow you to operate the shades within a radius of 65 feet in the house with the help of the radio frequency remote control. They can also be fitted with a solar kit for long-lasting battery life; with easy installation and maintenance.

Customize these beautiful window coverings as per your home measurements from the affordable range of collections from ZebraBlinds.