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Skylight Window Shades for Smart Homes

Skylights open up your home like nothing else. You get a great view and an abundance of natural light and ventilation, but also face few practical problems. Skylights bring in a lot of light and heat that might not always be welcome, and since they are hard-to-reach and large, you really need the perfect solution to use your skylights efficiently. While maintaining a comfortable ambiance inside the room, your shade have a smooth and easy operation.

Renowned and well-known brands like Graber and Crown are providing some of the most effective and stylish window coverings for the skylight windows of your home.

Step into the world of motorization with motorized skylight shades that use remote controls for operation.


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  1. Motorized Skylight Blackout Cellular Shades Crown 41
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    Motorized Skylight Blackout Cellular Shades Crown
    Motorized Skylight Blackout Cellular Shades Crown
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Why Choose Remote Control Skylight Shades?

While it's satisfying to get carried away with the various fabric designs to choose for your skylight windows, you need to know about the modes of operation as well.

Skylight Window Shades can be operated through skylight poles or remote control.

Extension poles are a feasible choice to operate your skylight windows and coverings. Convenient options to adjust heights these make an excellent accessory for your skylight window shades. Skypole controlled blinds are also less expensive compared to remote control blinds, but here are few reasons why you should go with the latter:

  • Effortlessly control your blinds with the click of a button.
  • They are energy-efficient and time-saving
  • Customize light and heat control by choosing from the collections of fabrics available with blackout and light-filtering options
  • These window shades can be controlled from anywhere within a 65 ft range.

Things to Remember Before Choosing Electric Skylight Blinds

Find our amazing motorized cellular shades with: Motorized Skylight Blackout Cellular Shades Crown, and Motorized Skylight Cellular Shades Crown.

There are few things to consider before choosing your remote control blinds:

  1. Choose an appropriate fabric suiting your lighting needs – some materials have better light blockage or offer greater privacy.
  2. Determine a power source to operate your shades - battery wand, DC Power Supply, or the Mezzo Rechargeable Solar upgrade.

At ZebraBlinds, you can customize shades according to your style and taste. So cover your hard-to-reach windows in your home with the best-looking window coverings and upgrade your home's effective light control and privacy.

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