Custom Skylight Blinds 

Having trouble controlling your sky-high, out of reach windows?

We bring you the best solution with Graber Skylight Blinds.

Specially made for skylight windows, these blinds insulate your indoors from unnecessary heat gain or heat loss. By blocking the sun's rays, they also offer protection for your furniture and wooden floors from overexposure or glare. Make your life more comfortable with Skylight Blinds which are an ideal and convenient fit for your hard-to-reach windows.


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    Skylight Graber 1 inch Aluminum Blinds

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Why Choose Skylight Blinds for Your Home?

Skylight blinds have excellent durability as they are made of aluminum, making them sturdy and firm. Because of the aluminum slats, these shades are dust resistant, fire retardant, easy to clean, scratch resistant, and moisture proof. These blinds block direct sun exposure provide a cozy and comfortable environment during even the hottest times of day. The slats serve to control the light intensity and are excellent insulators.

For a sleek design and look, use the six gauge slats.

For operation, you can utilize the sky poles to manage them efficiently and smoothly. The sky poles help to open and close the slats per your requirements and need to ordered separately.

With our Skylight Blinds, make your out-of-reach windows accessible and user-friendly. Ensure a comfortable ambiance inside your home.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to cover a skylight window

Since skylight windows tend to allow direct sunlight into a space, cellular shades are used to cover them as they are effective with insulation and keeping heat at bay. Side tracks are installed with the skylight shades for ease of operation of any angled skylight window. A skypole that hooks on the ring of the shade is recommended to help lift and lower the shades if out of reach. For more elevated skylight windows, a motorized option is also available.

Please note that ZebraBlinds do not recommend for skylight shades to be operated from side to side as it can cause damage to the product. In addition, regular shades or blinds are not recommended for angled windows such as skylight windows.

How to clean skylight window shades

Skylight shades can be effectively cleaned by dusting and vacuuming. For more information, please visit the respective product page and view cleaning methods.

Are motorized skylight window shades affordable?

Motorized skylight shades typically start at $300-400 depending on your size and options. At ZebraBlinds, they also come with a 5-year limited warranty.

What are the different types of skylight window shades?

Skylight shades are available in motorized and non-motorized options, each of which has light filtering and blackout fabrics to offer. Light filtering fabrics still allow some light to go through, while reducing a significant amount of glare and heat. On the other hand, blackout fabrics provide complete darkness when the shade is fully lowered.
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