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Sheer Shades - Sheer Horizontal Shades

For the cutting edge home decorator, sheer shades represent the latest trend in window treatments, providing a soft elegance combining the functionality of both a light filtering fabric and a sheer fabric in one shade. They are the perfect window treatment to gently diffuse light, keeping your room bright and airy, while giving off a modern look. These sheer blinds combine the functionality of blinds with the style of a sheer drapery. Adjust the fabric material on these window coverings for gently filtering light or have them open to the sheer shade material to allow for a clearer view through. Whichever material or style you choose, sheer blinds are sure to give your window a designer modern look that lets in plenty of natural light.


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What is the difference between Horizontal Sheer Shades and Layered Sheer Shades?

A sheer fabric shade comes in two main styles. The sheer horizontal shade consists of soft fabric panels joined in between two layers of sheer fabric. This allows you to angle or tilt the fabric louvers to let in more light or provide more privacy. On the other hand, a layered sheer shade (also known as a zebra shade) consists of two separate layers of material with alternating sheer and light filtering stripes. As you adjust the shade up and down the stripes will overlap to provide privacy or to let you see through every other stripe.

Is installing sheer shades difficult?

Installing sheer shades is easy and simple to do yourself! Simply screw in a few brackets and then the shades will clip on. Perfect for a quick DIY project at home. Before you order just ensure that you have followed our measurement guidelines and have ordered free samples. Free shipping is included!

Do sheer shades provide sufficient light control?

Sheer shades are designed to let in a moderate amount of sunlight through their material. While some room darkening fabrics are available, the construction of a sheer shade will always allow some light through. This makes them ideal for large windows or rooms where you'd want most light to come through even during the day, providing a bright and airy atmosphere.

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