Winter Wonderland – 16" X 20"

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nature, winter, snowfall, sunshine on snow, acrylic painting

An original acrylic painting by Lisa M P. An up and coming artist from Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. Size of the art piece is 16″ x 20″. The painting was mainly done using a knife.

Winter can be a dull cheerless time of the year when the temperature steadily dips below the freezing point. It is too cold for comfort and the cold draft that blows across chills the bones. People enthusiastically wait for spring time when the last of the snows melt away. However, winter also has its own share of beauty and charm and it takes an artist to recreate that magic on canvas. Aptly names ‘Winter Wonderland’, the painting shows a landscape after a fresh bout of snowfall. The tall trees have snow hanging from the branches and the snow-capped mountain ranges in the horizon. It is a sunny day with clear blue skies. The painter has captured the beauty of a winter day in bright sunlight. Despite the snow, it is not a cheerless or dreary day. It is a bright happy day with lots of sunshine. The painting is a hand-painted piece with acrylic colors. Available in a size of 16” * 20”, the painting is a perfect fit for medium sized rooms. a dark wall can offer a good background to the painting as there is a lot of white and light blue colors used on the canvas which will contrast well with the dark wall color.

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