Room Darkening Blinds: Get the Darkness You Need for Your Bedroom, Media Rooms, and more!

Room darkening blinds are window treatments designed to block out most light from entering a room, making it darker and more comfortable for sleeping, watching TV, or just for giving shade from the sun. With greater light control compared to a light filtering shade, room darkening shades are an effective way to reduce glare and incoming light while providing privacy. This makes room darkening blinds great for rooms where you want to reduce glare on your TV, or for better sleep. Choose from a variety of different window treatment styles that all have room darkening fabrics and materials.  


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Advantages of Room Darkening Blinds

If you’ve got a window that lets in too much heat from the sunlight, or you get too much glare when you sit down to watch a movie at home, then room darkening shades are for you! They are a great way to reduce the amount of light that enters your home in any room, making it easier to sleep or relax during the day. Additionally their thicker material provides additional privacy and insulation when compared to light filtering or sheer fabrics. 

Room darkening blinds are typically used in a bedroom, home theater, nursery, or any other rooms where darkness is needed. They can be used to block out the morning sun to help you sleep in on the weekend, or block out the streetlights at night. The amount of darkness achieved depends on the type of material used and the construction of the shades. Room darkening fabrics will usually not block 100% of the light, allowing for a very subtle soft glow to come through. However if you want to block as much light as possible, go for light blocking shades in blackout which block 100% of the light through the fabric itself. 

Room darkening blinds come in all sorts of styles, including roller shades, cellular shades, roman shades, and venetian blinds. Just make sure to choose the room darkening materials and options. They can also be fitted with cordless lifts or motorized for use with a remote control or smartphone.

Room darkening window coverings tend to be more expensive than their light filtering counterparts, as the material is thicker and more durable. Another con of room darkening is that if you want complete darkness, you may need to purchase and install additional hardware, such as side channels to create a complete seal around the window that blocks any light gaps.

Do Room Darkening Window Treatments Improve Energy Efficiency?

Since room darkening fabrics tend to be thicker than light filtering or sheer materials, they are also better for energy efficiency as they reduce heat from the sunlight at your window. One of the best energy efficient room darkening solutions are blackout cellular shades. Installing these shades can help reduce your energy costs drastically by keeping your rooms cooler during the hot summer months and warmer during the cold winter months. 

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