Room Darkening Roller/Solar Shades

Struggling to get that much-needed beauty sleep before you step out for a party due to the bright rays of the sun? Tired of a hectic night shift and want to catch up on some sound sleep? Want to enjoy a movie date with friends? All this and more is possible in the best possible way with the help of the Room Darkening Roller Solar Shades that are available at Zebrablinds. Our continuous efforts are on to bring to you the best looking and efficient Room Darkening Roller Solar Shades that can make your home a comfortable abode for you and at the same time does not upset your budget as well. These window coverings can effectively block the light and usher in the shade or darkness that you need to catch up on some sleep or to enjoy a movie.

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Brands like Crown and Graber have some of the exceptional room darkening shades in this category and can give you effective control over the brightness quotient in your home. The availability of these shades in a number of colors can provide enough and ample opportunity to the designer in you to be able to stylize your home as per your preferences and choices. The fabric of these shades is very robust and superior thereby, ensuring that you have access to some of the most durable window coverings of the modern times.

Being lightweight it is easy to install these window coverings. The process of cleaning these window coverings is also very easy and effortless. Just feather dusting them or cleaning them with a damp sponge or cloth is enough to keep the shine and glaze of these shades intact. These shades have the capability of blocking around 99% of the light thereby, keeping your home cool and energy efficient.