Roller - Solar Shades

Roller Shades - Solar Shades

Get the best privacy, comfort, and enhanced sun protection for your interiors, from the numerous riveting selections of fabrics ranging from light filtering to blackout, with our  Roller Shades - Solar Shades. These roller shades are excellent at protecting your home from pernicious UV ray damage. While the light filtering material allows diffused lighting into the room, the room darkening or blackout fabrics are great for more light blockage and privacy. Grab your Roller - Solar Shades from ZebraBlinds at discounted rates.


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Special Features of Roller Solar Shades

Roller Shades are made from fabrics of different opacity for enhanced room darkening, but Solar fabrics are woven to make it porous to light. The visibility and insulation factor depends on the chosen material.

Some of the features of the Roller - Solar Shades are:

  1. They come in an assortment of elegant colors and trendy designs. Choose from the different sheer, light filtering, room darkening, and blackout fabrics. Each option offers various degrees of light control:
    • Sheer - allow most light inside with minimum privacy levels and an unobstructed outside view. Solar Shades have sheer fabrics.
    • Light Filtering - let in diffused illumination and provide better privacy. You can see silhouettes of objects near the shade from outside. The amount of light let through the fabric can vary depending on the color you choose.
    • Room Darkening - blocks more light and offers more privacy. Deep fabric colors darken a room, but light colors let a bit more diffused sunlight.
    • Blackout - blocks out the light entirely and gives the best privacy and light control. Some of the fabrics come with a PVC foam backing to block the light and providing some thermal insulation.
  2. Fitted with very smooth and sophisticated lift operating systems like continuous loop cords, cordless, Smart Pull, and motorized lift options.
  3. The cordless lift option is a soft-touch and is useful for Child and Pet safety.
  4. The high-tech Motorized lift option comes with the radio frequency remote control that can be integrated with Wifi bridges to be controlled using a smart phone app. Or go with Smart Motorization and connect your shades to a smart hub for even more control.

Graber and Crown, leading manufacturing window shades companies, provide custom made Roller - Solar Shades in different trendy or traditional styles and delightful colors to suit any window. We make these dream window treatments possible with our exceptional fabric collections at our online store ZebraBlinds. With free samples and shipping, enjoy top-notch quality products at a budget-friendly price, and get the home you deserve.

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