Five Channel RF Remote Controller

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Somfy's five channel hand held remote control is compatible with all Somfy motors featuring Radio Technology Somfy (RTS). Get the perfect remote control for operating your RTS shades and blinds.

The Somfy Telis 4 RTS 5-channel hand held remote control allows you to operate your motorized shades individually or in up to five groups. With a new streamline shape and increased durability, you can get simple and full range controls for your blinds and shades.

Five Channel RF Remote Controller - Somfy Telis 4 RTS Product Detail

The Somfy Telis 4 RTS is a 5-channel hand held remote designed for use with Somfy RTS motors. Command up to five groups of shades with one remote. Simply change the channel to switch to a different window covering group for easy control. The Somfy Telis 4 RTS remote has a simple up and down function, as well as a 'My' button to set a favorite position. Available in three different colors: silver, white, or black.

Motorized products and cordless window coverings are a safe and convenient option for a child's room or homes with pets. Motorized applications for blinds allow for easy accessibility for hard to reach windows, as well as for the physically impaired or the elderly.

Is this a Somfy remote control? What Somfy motors is it compatible with?

Yes this is a Somfy remote control and is compatible with Somfy RTS motors. It is not compatible with the Somfy Z-wave motors.

What is Radio Technology Somfy (RTS)?

Radio technology Somfy (RTS) is the brand name for the Somfy RF motorized applications. Somfy RTS controls are required to operate Somfy RTS blinds and shades.

Does this have water and shock resistance?

Yes this remote control has water and shock resistance, making it an ideal option for outdoors or a child's room.

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