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Also known as remote control blinds or window coverings, motorized blinds work by using a wireless remote to move the shades up and down. By simply pressing the button on a remote, you can control multiple shades around your hope for perfect light control. Many of our cheap motorized shades also have accessories that connect them to smart home systems, allowing for automated smart lighting, voice control through Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, and more.
Motorized window treatments, such as somfy motorized shades, make your life easier by adding convenience and functionality, making them a great option for large windows, hard to reach windows, or as a way to make your home more energy efficient. We have them available in a variety of shades and blinds, from roman shades to roller shades, pleated shades to solar shades, motorized wood blinds to motorized dual roller shades and more.


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  1. Artisan Elegance Motorized Roman Shades Graber 46
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    Artisan Elegance Motorized Roman Shades Graber

    Control using your Smartphone*

    Integrate with Smart Home systems such as SmartThings*

    *requires MyLink for wifi and ZRTSI II for smart home

    retail : $722
    (31% OFF)

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Are motorized shades worth it?

Motorized blinds and shades are not just a novelty. They add a lot of functionality that cannot be ignored. Motorized outdoor shades help us reclaim our outdoor spaces that are too hot and uncomfortable during the summer. They add a lot of functionality that cannot be ignored. If just one room in your home has a high up and hard to reach window, then you'll know the struggle of trying to operate that window and might want motorized skylight shades. For media rooms where you want to reduce sunlight, the automated operation of a motorized cellular shades is welcome as it can help reduce glare, without you having to constantly get up and adjust it throughout the day. Additionally for those with mobility issues, or the elderly or physically disabled, a custom made motorized shade can help restore independence. Lastly, adding these blinds to your smart home system can simply be fun, adding a unique style and function to your room, and allowing you to control them through your wi fi network or with a voice command.

How long do batteries last in motorized shades?

The battery life will vary depending on the product or brand chosen. That said, in most cases, for products with the power options of a rechargeable battery pack or refillable battery case, the battery will last about 6-12 months depending on usage before it needs to be recharged or refilled.

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