Reloadable AA Battery Tube

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The reloadable Somfy battery wand uses 8 AA lithium ion batteries to power your Somfy shades and blinds. Convenient, easy, and long lasting power.

The Somfy 12V reloadable battery pack is designed to power 12V Somfy motorized shades and Somfy blinds, including those made by Graber or Bali. To use, simply add batteries to the reloadable tube and plug into your shade. Please ensure that you have the compatible motors to use with this product.

Reloadable AA Battery Tube - Somfy Battery Wand Product Detail

The 12V reloadable battery tube is designed for use with 8 AA batteries. Lithium ion batteries are recommended by our manufacturers. The 12V reloadable tube can be opened for ease of access for replacing batteries. When the batteries die, simply replace with 8 new AA 1.5V lithium ion batteries. The Somfy reloadable battery tube lasts approximately 6-12 months (depending on usage and size of the shades or blinds) until replacement batteries are needed. Batteries are not included.

Battery power is a great and convenient option for your motorized shade. Avoid the use of cluttered or dangling power cords and get a clean look with a slim and discreet battery pack. Hang the battery wand to a compatible shade bracket, behind the headrail of your window shade, or along side the wall.

Can you use rechargeable batteries?

It is not recommended to use these with rechargeable batteries, as it may cause issues with the shades or blinds or with the battery tube itself. 8 1.5V AA non-rechargeable lithium ion batteries are manufacturer recommended. For a rechargeable battery pack that is compatible with the Virtual Cord Z-wave Somfy motors, please refer to the Virtual Cord Z-wave rechargeable battery pack.

What is the difference between the Z-wave and RTS battery tubes?

Somfy has two main motor types: Z-wave and RTS. These systems are not compatible with each other - meaning that a Z-wave battery tube cannot be used on a Somfy RTS shade. Please ensure that you choose the correct battery case for your motor type.

The Z-wave battery pack will have a rectangular shape and a micro USB connector. The Somfy RTS battery tube will have a cylindrical shape and a two pin connector. For further details, please contact our customer service team.

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