Real Wood Blinds - Wood Blinds

Bring magnificence and aesthetics to your home with authentic Real Wood Blinds. Beautifully handcrafted from North American Hardwoods, these blinds are sturdy and durable for rough use.

Our real wood products are Graber Real Wood Blinds, Elite Real Wood Blinds, and Norman Smart Privacy Specialty Wood Blinds.

Once you have them on your window frames, their lustrous look and natural essence will have you never wanting anything other than real woods. They are ideal for every indoor decor since they add a traditional and classic look to your windows through their asymmetric beauty.


Why Choose Custom Made Wood Blinds?

Your window decor is a mirror of your attitude and style. Whatever you choose for your windows, make sure you invest wisely since they will define the look of your interiors for many years. Look no further than our Real Wood Blinds. We choose hardwoods for their natural grains, light weight, natural essence, rich texture, and asymmetric style. All the components make your real wooden blinds unique from any other window treatments.

Here are a few reasons as to why you should consider these blinds for your home:

  • Available in a wide range of colors and textures, and they are lighter than faux wood blinds.
  • You can choose the cordless option that means there is no hazard of dangling cords. So the shades are entirely safe for a home with kids and pets.
  • These window treatments protect your furniture from harmful UV rays and provide complete privacy.
  • Custom real wood blinds offer durability. They bring the unique warmth and beauty of natural wood to your windows.
  • They are lightweight and easily mounted outside or inside the frame, so they are perfect for large windows.
  • They come in various slat sizes to fit a variety of windows throughout your house.

Wouldn't It Be Nice? Custom Made Wood Blinds

Apart from making your room look attractive and trendy, these window coverings effectively control light by blocking harmful UV rays that can damage your room interiors.

Wood blinds are sturdy enough to offer protection from extreme temperatures for your kitchen, your living room's sun-facing windows, and more.

These eco-friendly shades can be customized entirely to match your personality, style, and budget. Shop at ZebraBlinds to get great deals and enjoy free samples before you order the actual product.