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Pleated shades are the perfect window treatment to add beautifully designed patterns and fabrics to your space. These window coverings have fabric material constructed into crisp pleats that fold neatly up to the top of your window. As you lower them the shades open up to reveal their beautiful fabric colors and textures. You can customize your pleated blinds with different pleat sizes as well as different types of fabric styles, ranging from light filtering materials to provide ample natural light, or even blackout materials for added light control. Choose from our selection of classic and affordable pleated window treatments.


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  1. 2 inches EvenPleat Graber Pleated Shades 39
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    2 inches EvenPleat Graber Pleated Shades

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What is the difference between cellular shades and pleated shades?

While both cellular shades and pleated shades have a similar pleated style, they differ in two main ways. The first is that cellular shades have an extra layer of fabric on the back that creates a honeycomb cell look, giving them a bit more bulk but making them better for insulation. The second is that because of this, pleated shades have larger pleats (1" or 2"), while cellular shades have smaller sizes (usually 3/8" or 1/2"). In this way pleated shades are the more ideal choice when you are looking for a light filtering shade that will keep your room light and airy, while being able to better feature the fabric texture and pattern due to the larger pleat sizes.

Can you see through pleated window shades?

It would depend on the fabric you choose for your pleated blind. A sheer material will be see-through, while most light filtering materials would not.

How do cordless pleated shades work?

Cordless pleated shades are operated by simply pushing or pulling the shade up and down by hand. Simply hold on to the bottom rail of the shade and then move it to where you want it to be. There are also motorized pleated shades available which can be controlled with a remote or even a smartphone.

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