Designer Pleated Shades

Give your existing windows and indoors an extra allure with our collection of Pleated Shades. Crisped pleats with an even color spectrum are the main characteristics of these eye-catching Graber EvenPleat Shades. They offer an enticing effect to both your window treatments and house with their sharp, bright, and evenly designed pleats. They add a new tone to your window's decor. Get your affordable and discounted Graber Pleated Shades only on ZebraBlinds and amp up the 'wow' factor of your home.


Advantages of Pleated Shades

So what makes these shades great for our windows? 

Graber EvenPleat Pleated Shades have a unique feature of back ladder support for evenly spread pleats when you open your shades. This back support system also prevents pleated shades from unnecessary sagging. Thus, it ensures a crisp, even, and precise pleated looks for all year around.

Graber Pleated Shades have OEKO-TEX certification for the ultimate quality & degree. The choice of pleat sizes is up to you. You can choose 1 inch or 2 inches depending upon your windows sizes and styles.

Pleated shades are usually used as semi-sheer shades with a sustainable amount of light diffusion and privacy. To add extra light and privacy control, you can also use different liners like Sheer, Room Darkening, and Blackout materials. The blackout option is the best choice for maximum privacy and energy-efficiency.

For smooth operation, Graber offers different mechanisms with corded, cordless, or motorized controls. You can also color-coordinate with other interior designs to get a synchronized interior decor. And the most considerable part about all of this: Graber Pleated Shades come with a manufacturer limited lifetime warranty.

So, bring these alluring window treatments to your home today and fall in love with your home all over again!