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Consider the formality factor of the room for the ideal choice of drapes. The pinch pleated styles from Crown sport evenly spaced double pinches caught at the bottom to form a V. Pinched pleats are perfect for lighter fabrics, to be used on smaller windows in a more informal setting. They’re also ideal for use as café curtains or half curtains. You could have hooks fitted at the back of the pleated header to hang them on drapery rings, or you could have a fabric tab tailored to the back of the header to form a rod pocket, which would enable smooth sliding of the drapery onto the drapery rod, covering unseemly rods and at the same time giving visual elegance to a room. Swag them to one side with a tie back, or if two panels cover a window, swag them to either side for more light. You could also just draw them away from the window to hang in straight falls to let the desired amount of light in.


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Pinch pleated drapery is endlessly versatile for use in almost every home setting. Hang Crown Pinch Pleated Drapery Panels on small window spaces, as pinch pleats are used on lighter fabrics than are Parisian pleats, which lend an appearance of understated informal elegance.

Install a double drapery rod system and hang the drapes in combination with woven shades for added protection from the sun if required. Alternatively, you could use a thermal sateen lining for protection of interior elements from the harmful effects of the sun and for insulation and noise cancellation, making these effective thermal blinds. If privacy, insulation and light blocking are prime considerations, use the premium privacy lining for bedrooms, as this lining blocks 100% of the sunlight, which would make good sense if people want to sleep during the day.

These panels come with a standard 4” bottom hem and 1.5” side hems – have drapery rods fitted at or just below the ceiling to hang drapes so they break just above the floor, as this will give an appearance of infinite space to the room. Also, fitting drapery rods that are a 1’ to 1.5’ wider than the windows so that the drapes bracket the window edges by half a foot or more, adds to the illusion of size.

Use complementary drapery rods to offset the fabric and add verve to your windows - Georgian, Pearl, Scroll, Dover – to name a few. You could also use cords and tassels to augment the drape, allowing for a complete, stylized feel to your room – bunch the drapes at the center and tie with tasseled cords instead of pulling the drapes to the sides to let light in.

Match the drapery color, print and texture to your soft furnishings or to pick out elements of interest in a room by selecting from a range of standard or premium Crown drapery fabric.

Add finesse to your kitchen and bathroom windows by using these pinch pleated curtains in the café-style - use them with the lining of your choice to block view for optimum privacy, but allowing for a pleasing brightness from the top half of the windows.

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