Oversized - Large Window Ideas

Large windows are beautiful. They make our home look wider, larger, and more beautiful. We usually find the large windows in the living room. These windows allow a lot of sunlight and a great view.  Window treatments for large windows need to be able to control the large amount of sunlight that comes through, while being worthy as a centerpiece for your room. Large windows are often the focal point of a room, so they deserve to be dressed properly and with care..


Let us know more about the various Extra Wide Window Treatments to dress up the large windows in the finest way

Roller solar shades for the wide windows

Roller solar window shades are one of the ideal choices you could make to dress up your large windows. They are one of the  Extra Wide Window Blinds. As these windows encounter a lot of heat gain or heat loss, these window treatments help you to control the temperature of the room. They are also great at protecting your home from the harmful UV rays as they filter the light that is penetrating through your windows. These window treatments are also available as dual shades which have two layers, the light filtering, and the blackout respectively, allowing you to choose the desired ambiance accordingly. The light filtering fabric is responsible for allowing the diffused light to penetrate through your windows and make your room look brighter. They also ensure privacy for your room. They help to keep your interiors new as they prevent them from fading when exposed to the sunlight.

These window treatments are available in many types of fabrics, colors, and patterns that help you customize them accordingly so as to decorate your home in the most alluring way.

Custom Plantation Shutters

Custom Plantation shutters transform the look of your large windows and add aesthetics to your room. They give your home the privacy and protection that is required when you have wide windows. If you are looking for Tall Window Treatments, choose planation shutters.

They help you block the harmful UV rays and protect you and your home from the dangers caused by these rays. They also ensure privacy for you to enjoy your indoors as these windows offer maximum visibility to outsiders. When you close these shutters, they block the light completely and also provide privacy. If you open these shutters they allow in a lot of air and light and let you enjoy the pleasant evenings.

Drapery window treatments

One elegant way to dress up wide windows and add immense glamour to your home is to dress them up with  drapery window treatments. Drapery window treatments are the best choice if you are looking for Window Treatments For Large Windows. You can also combine drapery window treatments with existing window blinds. These window treatments are highly affordable and are very quick and effective in molding your home into a beautiful space. They are available in a great number of fabrics, colors, and textures which let you choose the one that fits your style and also compliment the interior home decor. They help you add privacy to your room and also act as an additional layer of insulation. They stop the glare while making it look beautiful.