Orange Horizontal Sheer Shades

Sheer shades are stunning and offer infinite luxury to your home. For a delicate and sensual look, Sheer Horizontal Shades are an excellent alternative. Made of long-lasting materials, they give you the sheer look you desire but are durable and sturdy. Horizontal Sheer Shades feature two sheer layers of fabric separated by solid vanes, which open up when you lower the shade all the way. With smooth operation and added functionality in tilting the vanes, these shades allow you a filtered view through your window when desired. They are a composite window treatment, highlighting the style of sheer fabric with the practicality of a blind that can be opened for light or closed for privacy.

We must be very particular about the color of our window treatments. If you want to create a bright and beautiful home, choose Orange Sheer Horizontal Shades for your home. Orange is one of those bright colors that creates harmony and enhances the beauty of your home. They create a peaceful, joyous, and encouraging ambiance.


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    Zebra Sheer Shades

    Dual layers of sheer and light filtering stripes

    Adjust stripes for versatile light control and privacy

    Distinct modern look and design

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Horizontal Sheer Window Shadings

Sheer Horizontal Shades help to prevent dangerous UV rays and unrelenting glare from the sun without having to block your view of the outdoors completely.

They are an uncomplicated and economical option to dress the windows in your home while creating a stylish and polished look, and are an ideal choice for a variety of various spaces. They look great on their own, but can also be paired with curtains or other window treatments to produce a more exciting and customized look. Our Sheer Horizontal Shades are also available in a motorized mechanism which allows you to operate them by remote. You can also program timers and schedules or even command them with your voice, when used with a smart hub and voice assistant. Customize your shades to match your needs and personality. If you have any questions feel free to reach out to us.

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