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Wood shutters are distinctive window coverings with the touch of lustrous look along with state of serenity for your homes. These wood shutters bring calmness and balmy environment to your indoor through their modern style and unique architectural artwork. These shutters are exclusive ornamental elements for your windows to give you protection, as well as a prepossessing look. These shutters come with manufacturer's’ limited lifetime warranty on building materials and workmanship.

The Normandy wood shutters from Norman are made from real wood with Prescription Wood Conditioning™ technique. This unique technique reduces the post-installation shrinking and swelling of the woods. This technique ensures the durability of the shutters for a long time run. A wide range of frames hides the installation screws to give you a clean and uncluttered look. These shutters are robust and firm since they have reinforced engineered stiles. The multiple layers of woods ensure the structural stability to the shutter panel and make them extremely durable for everyday use. You can even go for multiple stills options on various sizes woods to meet any window coverings’ demand. We have Astragal and Rabbet stills; both block natural outdoor light between panels and give you the light control option for your rooms. The mortise and tenon joinery resist the racking forces and ensure the maximum durability and stability to the shutters. The installation part is quick and easy since they have pre-installed magnets, pre-mitered frames, hinges and slotted keyholes. Each shutter has hand finished paint and stain for a brilliant workmanship showcase, and this handcrafted look will give you aesthetic pleasure when you will see your windows. You can even build your own customized shutter with your requirements. You can choose double-hung panels, café shutters, truck systems, hidden tilt rods, special shapes, etc. They are also available in attractive colors to give you the option for the perfect synchronized look with your indoor décor. These shutters can operate through standard tilt or hidden tilt control, but motorized option is preferable since it increase the safety for kids.


- Brings a touch of country elegance to your home. The textured finish of Normandy stained hardwood shutters blends the tranquility of nature with distinctive luxury.
- Normandy is treated with our exclusive Prescription Wood Conditioning™ technique according to the moisture content of the final installation location to reduce postinstallation shrinking and swelling.
- A wide range of frames with inserts that keep installation screws out of sight for a clean and decorative look to match any style and preference.
- Reinforced engineered stiles — Multiple layers of wood bonded together to reinforce durability to the core of the stile, which results in a robust support system for the shutter panel.
- Multiple stile options available in various sizes to accommodate different window configurations. Astragal or Rabbet stiles provide a natural light block between panels.
- Employs mortise and tenon joinery that resists shear and racking forces endured by shutters and ensures prolonged stability and durability.
- Quick and easy on-site installation with the pre-installed magnets and hinges, as well as pre-mitered frames and slotted keyholes.
- Labor-intensive hand finishing process involves multiple sequences of sanding and coating with fine layers of stain or paint for a brilliant, lustrous finish.
- Available in classic paint, radiant stain, and stimulating designer colors that harmonize into the style of any home.

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Min Width: 12"
Max Width: 180"
Min Height: 12"
Max Height: 120"
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