Norman Faux Wood Blinds

Are you an ardent fan of wood? Were you always awe struck by the finesse of the wood blinds but could not afford to buy them? Well, we have a practical and an eye catching solution for all you wood blinds fans out there. These Faux wood blinds from the leading brand Norman are the ideal match for your windows that can make them resemble the beauty that is exhibited by the wood blinds; however, they are much more economically priced. The faux wood blinds from Norman are made of synthetically processed materials like PVC and Vinyl that are very durable and sturdy. The material of the norman faux wood blinds is so smooth that you can easily clean these window coverings without having to indulge in a back-breaking cleaning routine.


These window coverings are not heavy or bulky; consequently, they prove to be extremely portable and easy to install. The durability of these blinds is unmatchable, and there is no onset of warping, cracking or any other form of wear and tear in these blinds even after prolonged usage for years together.

These blinds are also available in a range of colors that makes it easy for you to go ahead and decorate your home in a synchronized fashion with a unified appeal as far as the color theme and overall look of the home are concerned.

The patented feature of SmartPrivacy is a chief characteristic of these faux wood blinds made custom from Norman that can provide you with ultimate levels of privacy as the closure of the slats of these window blinds is tighter and perfect that does not allow any accidental gaps or seepage of any form of light.

Some of the sought after blinds in this category are as follows- 2 inches Faux Wood Blinds Norman, 2 inches Faux Wood SmartPrivacy™ Blinds, 2½ inches Faux Wood SmartPrivacy™ Blinds, 2 1/2 inches Faux Wood Blinds Essentials Plus etc.