Norman Cellular Honeycomb Shades

You can now have the right gear to obtain insulation from the extreme weather conditions. Combating harsh weather conditions is now easier with the help of the Norman cellular shades. One of the major reasons for superior effectiveness of these shades is the honeycomb or mesh-like architecture. The structure of these window coverings creates pockets of air that helps with heat retention in the winter and also works effectively to retain cool air during the summer. These window coverings provide you with energy savings and comfort for the entire year.


Apart from being excellent comfort providers these shades can also give you an adequate amount of control on the light that enters your home and on your privacy as well. You can choose the fabric style to be the light filtering one or a room darkening one as per the need of your home or as per your preference.

Some of the brilliant offerings in this category are the Portrait™ Norman Blackout Honeycomb Shades, Portrait™ Norman Light Filtering Honeycomb Shades, etc. You can also style up your home as per your preference and choice as there is a host of color choices available for these Norman Cellular shades.

These shades are also priced very reasonably. These window coverings have the distinction of being budget friendly and effective shades that can help you gain effective control over the light and the temperatures that exist in your home.

Other benefits that make these Norman cellular shades the preferred choice across home owners are the ease of installation and ease of maintenance. The quality of the material of these shades is such that it does not let any form of dirt or grime to stay on it longer.