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New Arrival Blinds And Shades

Upgrade your home with the newly arrived window blinds and shades. Window treatments are always an investment for our homes as they benefit our homes in many ways. Custom Blinds And Shades are beautiful and functional. Our New Blinds And Shades are unique and special in their own way. They add style and functionality to our windows and make our homes more beautiful and more functional than ever before. Let us learn more about these innovative window treatments. 


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  1. Crown Roman Shades 40
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    Crown Roman Shades

    Soft Fold Style

    Classic Roman Blind

    Flat Roman Style

    Front Slat Roman Blinds

    European Roman

    retail : $265.40
    (54% OFF)
  2. Virtual Cord Z-Wave Tradewinds Natural Shades 46
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    Virtual Cord Z-Wave Tradewinds Natural Shades

    Integrates directly with Z-Wave home automation systems, no bridge required

    retail : $731
    (39% OFF)

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New Arrival Blinds And Shades

Palladian window shelves

Our New Arrival Blinds And Shades include our collection of beautiful palladian window shelves. These shelves are designed for Palladian windows, which are large rectangular windows, usually topped with a semi-circular shaped arch window. The Palladian window shelves are specially designed to dress up these large windows and to provide a surface for mounting shades under an arch. They can also be used to divide any large window that requires a horizontal surface to mount a blind or shade. Palladian window shelves are a new addition to the amazing collection of the ZebraBlinds. If you have an amazing palladian window, make the first step towards dressing them up beautifully with the Palladian window shelves.

Palladian window shelves are available in a wide range of colors, shades, designs, and patterns, and you can select the best one out of them for your home. These window shelves can be customized according to your requirements.

Custom Plantation Shutters

Plantation Shutters are a great way to dress up any type of window. They have remained innovative and functional among Modern Blinds And Shades.They add privacy, light control, and insulation for your home and make it functional in every possible way. They add style to your windows and transform the overall look of your home and make it look extremely elegant.. When you close these window treatments, they block the light entering in and provide you with great privacy. When you open these window treatments, you can let in a lot of light and air and enjoy the pleasant evenings.

Zebra Motorized Sheer Shades

The Zebra Motorized Sheer Shades are known for their ultimate light controlling features. These window treatments are double layered with alternating light filtering as well as opaque fabric stripes, which makes them perfect for any type of windows of any room. You can adjust these shades based on your requirements with respect to privacy and light control. They are great for blocking harmful UV rays and help block heat from direct sunlight, while allowing you to retain some of your view.

At ZebraBlinds you can get these window treatments at the lowest prices, as we are live with huge discounts on window coverings. Make sure you do not miss out on the beauty that these window treatments offer your home.

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