Navy Cellular Vertical Shades

Vertical cellular shades are nothing but dressing up your doors and windows with a cellular shade in a vertical adjustment. We have seen the regular honeycomb shades outfitted for large windows and sliding glass doors. The vertical cellular shade offers the same benefits like any other cellular shades but produces a slim and smooth look as it moves along a track from side to side. The larger cell size means a larger air pocket and that provides the greatest temperature and sound insulation. This insulation ability makes these shades preferable for all homes as they restrict outdoor heat from entering into your indoor living spaces.

Vertical honeycomb shades are composed of air pockets which act as great insulators of heat, noise, and cold. These air pockets block interior heat gain and loss through your windows and doors, saving you a considerable amount on your energy bills.

If you are planning to create a full length sophisticated look for your home, choose navy blue coloured window treatments. The color of the window coverings you pick up to dress up your home plays a major role in defining the outcome of the entire look of your home decor. Be particular and pick up the right one for your home. For the ultimate luxurious look, add Navy Cellular Vertical Shades to your home.


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Navy Cellular Vertical Shades For Sliding Doors

The two major benefits of the vertical cellular shades are that they offer great energy efficiency and their operation makes them an ideal choice for larger windows.

They look sleek and provide a modern appearance to your windows. Hence if you have a french door that allows a lot of heat and light to enter your home choose, Navy Cellular Vertical Shades For Sliding Doors.

These vertical cellular shades are available in a variety of different fabric types and customization options for you to choose from. Get the vertical cellular shade fit for your home and your needs, and make sure they look beautiful in your home.

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