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Natural woven wood shades are a beautiful natural alternative to other popular window treatments. Fashioned out of natural materials like grass, jute, and bamboo, woven wood shades add texture and style to any room. These natural woods and fibers are renewable materials that give woven wood shades a rustic and natural beauty; unique variations in the natural materials add a beautiful texture and style to your window. Browse our woven wood shades collection, and choose from a wide variety of available colors and styles to bring a finished look to your room.


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Are natural woven wood shades eco friendly?

Similar to wooden blinds, woven wood shades are made of renewable resources, making it the perfect product for someone looking to bring an earthy look to their room while being conscious of the environment. Choose bamboo shades to get a window treatment that is not only durable and excellent for light control, but is also considered safer than other blinds as they are made of natural non-toxic fabrics.

Are natural window treatments on trend?

Yes! Woven wood shades are a wonderful option to bring a unique style to your windows. Each woven wood shade is like a work of art, bringing the beauty of nature into your very own windows. Woven wood shades provide warmth in any room with their natural fibers and unique textures, filtering natural light in your home or providing darkness and privacy when fitted with blackout liners.

Natural woven shades are an excellent and versatile choice for any room, and can be installed to a mounting surface with a low minimum inside mount depth. For wide windows and patio doors, you can choose to have multiple natural woven shades on one headrail. They are also available in a very small minimum width and minimum height for installation on sidelights or other narrow spaces.

What other options are available when customizing a woven wood shade?

Additional options are also available, including a light filtering or blackout liner, or with an edge binding to add a unique accent. For maximum privacy consider choosing blackout liner options with edge binding.

Lastly, you can also customize your woven wood shade with a cord lift, cordless lift, or even a motorized lift. A cord lift is a simple and easy to use option similar to most blinds and shades. A cordless blind lift provides a sleek style that is less cluttered and also safe for kids. A motorized lift will allow you to command your shade using a remote control or even voice commands when connected to the proper hub.

How can I order free samples for woven shades?

To see the textures of the fabric in person, you can order free samples directly from our website. Just click one of the product pages, then click the 'Free Sample' button above each color you are interested in and it will add that item to your cart.

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