Natural Shades - Natural Woven Wood Shades

Natural Shades, like their name implies, make use of the abundant natural elements. Made from a variety of renewable raw materials like bamboo, wood, jute, and other grasses, these shades provide your home with excellent natural light coverage. ZebraBlinds brings a wide range of window treatments at affordable prices, giving your windows the ultimate protection and stunning looks.

If you are looking for the elegant sensibility and artistic design of natural materials, you're looking for our Natural Shades collection. As they are made from renewable materials, you get to contribute to a green environment while getting a rustic decor. The distinct color and character of these shades bring an artistic look and elegant design to your windows.


Why Do You Need Natural Shades for Your Home?

Woven Wood Shades filter the light coming into your room and bring a tasteful decor to your home. They are made of natural recyclable materials and are eco-friendly, and have a unique character unlike any other type of shade. Take advantage of these excellent window treatments and bring balance to your home environment!

  • The unique qualities between different bamboo vanes, the different shapes of reeds, different thickness of the grass materials, etc. add to the unique characteristics of the Natural Shades.
  • They complement any of your existing furnishings and furniture.
  • Available with standard cord control, cordless control, and motorized control.
  • Cordless and motorized lift systems are the best options as they minimize any strangulation risk when a child is present and they give your window a clean look.
  • Provides protection from sunlight, dust, and other external factors
  • They are available in different styles - Looped Roman Shades, Standard Roman Style and Old Style Roman designs.

So these window coverings are perfect for any of the large windows of your living rooms or study rooms as they offer a good amount of illumination along with privacy. If you're looking to enhance your windows with a unique, natural look, then look no further than our Natural Shades, available for you at an affordable range.