Natural Vertical Window Blinds

Vertical Blinds are a versatile window treatment that has been improved and enhanced over the years. They are sleek and efficient.  Choose vertical window treatments if you are looking to cover your large window or sliding door in something that is eye catching, yet functional.

The color you choose for your window treatments represents your style and personality. It also plays a vital role in building up your home ambiance. This is why we have to be careful while choosing the color of our window coverings. In order to add a relaxed tone of understated elegance to your home decor, choose Natural Vertical Window Blinds. Natural blinds and colors stand out as unique and complement any home decor. These Natural Vertical Window Blinds stand out among any other home decorative elements.


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  1. 3 1/2 inches Fabric Vertical Blinds Graber 39
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    3½ inches Fabric Vertical Blinds Graber®

    3 1/2" fabric louvers that softly diffuse light

    Combine the look of soft drapery with a vertical blind

    Available in wide variety of colors and textures

    retail : $225
    (36% OFF)
  2. 3 1/2 Elite Graber Wood Vertical Blinds 39
    Save up to 15% when you add to cart
    3 1/2 inch Elite Graber Wood Vertical Blinds

    Add warmth and style to large windows and sliding doors

    Made from all-natural wood with sustainable practises

    retail : $615
    (39% OFF)

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Natural Vertical Blinds for Large Windows

Vertical blinds are interesting. Being available in many designs and textures they produce a clean look, and are especially adapted for patio doors and large windows.

Customize your vertical blinds to fit your needs as they are available in a variety of materials including: PVC, fabrics, waterproof blinds, sheer fabrics, and wood. Depending on your light control and privacy needs you can choose the right fabric that brings you the right functionality and aesthetics. You can also choose from different stack options to best fit your room.

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