Natural Skylight Window Shades

Skylight window shades are excellent for light control, insulation and privacy as well as protection for your home decor and furniture from UV damage. Since skylight windows allow a huge amount of light to enter into your home, you will experience extreme hot and cold temperatures during the summers and winters, respectively. When you install skylight window shades, they can make your home a peaceful place by blocking the external heat and cold, and can also help you save on your energy costs.

Be diligent when choosing the color for your window dressings, as the right color plays a huge role in determining the ambiance and feel of your room. If you want to create a relaxing and fresh atmosphere inside your home, select natural colored Window Shades because they can fill your home with the richness of nature.


Room Darkening Natural Skylight Shades

The right window treatment can not only improve the artistic interest of your home, but it can also provide privacy, light control, and make your home more energy efficient. You can also choose blackout natural skylight shades to create a darker room. These window treatments block the light entering your home and make it as dark as possible.

Skylight window shades are operable by a sky pole or through motorization. With motorization you can control the skylight shades with a remote control and even automate them to open at certain times of day with a smart controller. Choose the type that fits your budget and your functionality requirements.