Natural Pleated Window Shades

Pleated window shades are simple yet functional. They look great and quite modern with their fitted pleats. Pleated shades offer a reasonable amount of light diffusion and privacy. To add additional light and privacy control, you can also use various privacy and room darkening liners. The blackout option is the best option for the privacy, no light and energy-efficiency.

Your window covering color showcases your taste and sense of style. It also plays a notable role in creating the appearance and functionality of your home. Because of this reason you should be careful while selecting the hue of your window treatments. Choose Natural Pleated Shades for a cool and crazy room. Natural is a simple and calming color, which results in creating a calm room with a sensitive touch of elegance. Natural Pleated Window Shades brings out a warm ambiance in your room and makes it look sophisticated.


Custom Natural Pleated Shades

The Custom Natural Pleated Shades give a fine and stunning look to your home. These window treatments are available in two types of pleat sizes, one inch and two inch. You can customize these window treatments based on your needs or requirements. Choose from a variety of lift mechanism including cordless or top down bottom up, as well as from different fabric choices.