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Natural Wooden Blinds

If going natural is your motto, why not do the same with your home window treatments as well? Go green with the Natural Blinds collection from premium window furnishers Graber and Crown. Available in natural materials, textures, and colors, these Natural Window Blinds strike a balance between your indoors and nature. They are perfect for any interior, transforming a stiff and artificial decor into a natural beauty. Made from naturally available materials like bamboo, wood planks, grass, reeds, woven woods and more, these shades protect your indoors from outdoor seasonal changes and complement your rooms with a naturalistic look.


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  1. Natural Cordless Woven Wood Blinds Crown 40
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    Natural Cordless Woven Wood Blinds Crown
    Crown Natural Woven Wood Blinds
    retail : $128.08
    (50% OFF)
  2. Tradewinds Graber Light Filtering Natural Shades 39
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    Tradewinds® Graber® Light Filtering Natural Shades

    Natural & Eco friendly

    Usable Fabric width up to 96"

    retail : $259
    (40% OFF)
  3. Horizons Designer Light Filtering Spring Roller Shades 39
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    Horizons Natural Woven wood shades
    ZebraBlinds Natural Woven Roman Shades
    retail : $576
    (72% OFF)

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Design Your Home with Natural Wooden Blinds

Natural Blinds, with their soft and earthy tones, are easy on the eyes and also provide sun protection, light control, and privacy. These fantastic blinds are perfect for your large windows, patio door, and french doors.

The innovative design and textures let you enjoy both illumination and privacy at once.They protect your indoor furnishings from sun damages and from extreme heat and cold.

Contribute to nature conservation with these blinds as they are made of renewable resources.

Be it any style – contemporary or traditional - they fit any indoor decor and window pattern. Shade operation is also simple with control options like corded, cordless, and even motorized mechanisms.

Bring home gentle and aesthetic window treatments in the form of Graber and Crown Natural Shades and give your home a taste of high-end natural accents.

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