Horizons Natural Blackout Dual Shades

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Natural Blackout Shades are eco-friendly window treatments made from natural materials. Provides 100% protection against UV rays and are energy efficient. Dual functionality allows independent control of front and back layers.

Another versatile yet eco-friendly shade is the Natural Blackout Dual Shades. These woven wood shades are made from a variety of natural products like reed, grass, bamboo etc. which help to fill your homes with warmth and soft light. These natural shades are skillfully woven and richly textured. They impart an elegance and grace that is unmatched. Add on the functionality of a blackout dual shade and you have a winner.

These shades allow you to control the front natural shade for light filtering when you need it, and add on an additional back layer of blackout roller shade for extra privacy and light control.

Special Features

  • As the name suggests the natural shade uses environmentally friendly materials.
  • The dual shades look to combine two fabrics in one. You can choose from sheer, light-filtering, blackout and room-darkening options.
  • You can use them these shades to maximize light control and light filtration.
  • Blackout shades help to completely block out light and noise. These shades are great for bedrooms and kid’s rooms. As they can block up to 100% light, they are great for an undisturbed sleep. They are also a great choice for movie rooms where outside glares can disrupt viewing.
  • The blackout fabric helps to block out glares and the harsh and harmful UV rays of the sun. It protects your health and your interior and furniture from damage.
  • If privacy is your concern, then that is taken care of by these blackout shades. They help to protect your rooms from the prying eyes of outsiders.
  • These shades are easy to clean and maintain.
  • The sheer and blackout fabrics can be independently lowered and raised as per your requirements.
  • These shades are energy efficient as they also help to keep interior warm or cool and reduce heat transfer through the window.


  • CLASSIC ROMAN SHADE: Simple and elegant, the Classic Roman Shade lies flat when lowered.
  • HOBBLED ROMAN SHADE: This shade keeps its elegant Roman folds when lowered.
  • Premium stained or painted wood headrail (1-1/2” depth x 3/4” high)
  • 6” Classic Valance
  • Cord lock and pulley controls

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Cleaning Methods

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Product Specifications
Options Standard
Min Width Max Width Min Height Max Height
Continuous Loop Chain 18" 84" 24" 84"
Cordless 18" 84" 24" 84"

Inside Mount Depth Requirements

Options Min Depth Mount
Continuous Loop 3"
Cordless 3"
Available Options

- Continuous Loop Chain (Standard)
- Cordless (Standard)
- 6 Inch Classic Valance, Contempo Scallop Valance,Double Hobbled Valance,Triple Hobbled Valance
- Gimp For Contempo Scallop
- Privacy Lining,Blackout Lining
- Operable Lining
- Decorative Trim (Optional)
- Straight Hem & Contempo Scallop Hem available

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