Motorized Sheer Horizontal Shades

Motorized Sheer Shades

Motorized sheers are also known as sheer blinds or privacy sheers. With adjustable fabric vanes that can be tilted to adjust light control or view through your window, these horizontal shades are a great way to provide UV protection while diffusing light for a bright and airy atmosphere. With the power of motorization these sheer roller shades can be controlled easily with a remote control, making them excellent window treatments for large or hard to reach windows. Do away with dangling cords that can be hazardous to kids and pets, and get a shade that provides convenience and easy access and that can transform the look of your home.


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  1. Crown Motorized Sheer Shades 39
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    Crown Motorized Sheer Shades

    crown motorized sheer shade

    retail : $771.38
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  2. Motorized Crown Premium Sheer Shades 39
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    Motorized Crown Premium Sheer Shades
    Motorized Crown Premium Sheer Horizontal Shades
    retail : $796
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  3. Graber Motorized Overture Sheer Shades 46
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    Graber Motorized Overture Sheer Shades

    Control using your Smartphone*

    Integrate with Smart Home systems such as SmartThings*

    *requires MyLink for wifi and ZRTSI II for smart home

    retail : $1122
    (43% OFF)

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Get window coverings with the functionality of a blind and the modern look of roller shades

Motorized sheer shades combine the tilting functionality of a blind with the sleek and modern look of fabric roller shades. When the shade is fully extended, the fabric vanes can tilt open to allow more light through and provide a clearer view through your window, or you can tilt them closed to reduce more sunlight and glare. These shades can easily be installed as inside mount or outside mount for a clean and compact look compared to bulky sheer drapery.

How motorized shades and motorized blinds can help you

Motorized shades aren't just a simple gimmick! Imagine getting home after a hard day of work. After settling down on the couch, you realize you need to get up to close all of your blinds throughout the home for the night so no one can peep in. With motorized sheer shades you can operate all the windows in your home with the press of a button. With a smart bridge add-on, you can even control the shades with your mobile device or using your voice through Google Home and Amazon Alexa. It's more than just convenience - easy and automatic control of your blinds means that you can set schedules throughout the day, or even operate them according to different conditions such as temperature or position of the sun. This increases the energy efficiency of your home as you can optimize the use of your blinds throughout the day.

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