Motorized Pleated Shades - Pleated Window Shades

Motorized Pleated Shades are one of the most versatile and gorgeous window shades available on the market. They work well when you layer them with other window treatments such as curtains or valances.

Different pleat sizes, textures, color options are available with these pleated window shades to meet both your interior style and functionality. Light colored fabric allows more light to come through, while dark colored fabrics are perfect for a greater degree of light control and privacy.

Motorized pleated shades are the ultimate combination of grace, beauty, elegance, and charm. Browse our pleated shades and find the perfect one at an affordable price without breaking your bank.


Best Features of Motorized Pleated Shades

  • With the motorized lift option, your pleated shades can be operated at the touch of a button, ideal for large windows and hard to reach areas. Choose the remote option according to your room’s requirement - Single Channel Remote, Five Channel Remote, and Sixteen Channel Remote.
  • Motorized pleated shades are available in different fabric options including light filtering (will filter natural light while providing moderate privacy) and room darkening (block out most of the light to offer privacy).
  • A wide range of textures and colors are available to match your décor style.
  • A secure choice for your kids and pets as cords are not available
  • Graber pleated shades have five years of warranty and are custom made to fit any size of windows.
  • Single channel or five channel RF wall switches are also available with these shades.
  • A 12v RF motor is used to operate them.
  • To enhance the level of privacy and darkness of the room, consider adding a blackout or privacy liner.
  • Pre-program your remote control window shades to make your room safe and secure when you are far away from home. As the shades will raise and lower automatically, outsiders will think that the home is occupied.
  • Motorized pleated shades are perfect for the bedroom and living room because of their attractive look which will give your guests a warm welcome.
  • Installation and cleaning procedures of these Graber pleated shades is very easy and simple.

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