Motorized Layered Window Treatments

Layered window shades are designed to make a style statement for your room. A variety of color, texture, and fabric options are available to give your space a polished look that you will appreciate throughout the year. Motorized layered window treatments consist of sheer and semi-opaque or opaque fabric to provide your room with an astonishing elegant look while controlling the light. When the vanes are open, these shades will gently diffuse the light through the sheer fabric and will offer an unobstructed view, and when the vanes of these motorized layered window shades are closed, they will completely block out the light and you will not be able to see outside. They can even block harmful UV rays in the closed position.

These shades are available in both light filtering and room darkening fabric to control the amount of light. You might face the problem of light gaps with inside mounts, and in that case, our recommendation is to go for outside mounting which will allow the shade to overlap the window and cover more light. Motorized Zebra Sheer Shades and Motorized Mezzanine Layered Zebra Sheer Shades are the best products for motorized layered window treatments.


Why Choose Motorized Layered Window Treatments?

Perfect View and Light Control - To have a perfect outside view, raise the layered window shades completely in the cassette and you can enjoy the natural light as well.

Valance - Fabric-wrapped cassette valance (standard) is available to enhance the appearance of your space.

Control Options – A continuous cord loop control is available to raise and lower the window shades. For more convenience and effortless smooth control, opt for the motorized feature so that you can manage them from anywhere in your room, by simply pushing a remote-controlled button. Installing motorized features means you are making a safer choice for your family. When you are far away from your home, pre-program the shades to create an illusion of occupancy and the motorized layered window treatments will work automatically. This feature removes the risk of dangling cords which can create a strangulation risk for your little ones.

Motor and Power Options – A 12v motor is available to operate these shades with different power options also such as - solar power kit, battery power, and a plug-in transformer.

Installation and Cleaning – These shades are very easy to install and care for. The cleaning procedure is very simple and easy – regular dusting is enough to keep them proper.

Give your home an eye-catching and extraordinary appearance with motorized layered window treatments, and enjoy the comfort and benefits offered by these shades. Free samples and free shipping available. Customize your product with the help of our design experts. If you want to know more about layered window shades, don’t hesitate to contact us!