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Our outdoor spaces are a great place to spend time with our friends and family, but harsh light and excessive heat can put a damper on the mood and create an uncomfortable atmosphere. With the installation of motorized outdoor solar shades, you can reclaim your outdoor space and provide additional convenience and protection from the harmful UV rays, glare, and weather. A covered deck provides comfort and shade from the sun, wind, and rain, reduces fading on your furniture, and helps keep the space cool. The exterior shade fabric is made of a quality material manufactured for outdoor use, and is available in many fabric colors to fit your space. These Somfy motorized shades are also easily operated with a remote control, making them excellent for energy efficiency and light control.


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    Graber Motorized Exterior Solar Shades

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How can outdoor solar shades protect from harmful UV rays?

When you customize your patio roller shade, you'll be able to choose from a variety of different materials with different openness. The openness on the fabric determines how much light and UV it will let through. If you are looking for better UV protection, then choose a fabric with a smaller openness which will block more of the harmful sunlight and better protect your outdoor space.

Can exterior shades be used to reduce heat in the home?

Yes! When installed, motorized outdoor shades are also an excellent way to block heat from the sun before it even touches your windows. When mounted on the exterior of a window, the shade covers the space and provides an additional layer of insulation and protection. Custom exterior solutions provide excellent benefits as they reduce your home's exposure to the sun. Motorized options make this even more effective as you can operate the shades from the comfort of your home using a remote control.

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