Motorized Composite Blinds

Motorized composite blinds are made of a combination of various materials that increase their durability. Their classic design brings warmth to any space, and makes a perfect and pleasant atmosphere for your loved ones. While they provide complete privacy and blocking harsh sunlight or glare, they also provide smart functionality. The various color and texture options available with composite blinds make it easy to match your existing home decor. Graber composite motorized blinds are considered waterproof blinds and are also resistant to temperature and that is the reason they don’t break or warp in any extreme weather.


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  1. 2 inch Graber Traditions Composite Motorized Blinds 46
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    2 inch Graber Traditions Composite Motorized Blinds

    Control using your Smartphone*

    Integrate with Smart Home systems such as SmartThings*

    *requires MyLink for wifi and ZRTSI II for smart home

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How Do Motorized Composite Blinds Work?

  • When the slats of the composite blinds are closed, they protect your home from increased temperature, harmful rays, and offer extra insulation, making them energy-efficient window treatments.
  • Operate these Graber motorized blinds from anywhere in your room (up to 65 feet) using a remote control button. Use a Single Channel RF Remote (used to control a single group of window blinds) or Five Channel RF Remote (used to control up to five groups of blinds).
  • A 12v RF motor is used in this shade.
  • A variety of power source options to operate your Graber composite blinds - Reloadable Battery Wand, Reloadable Battery Wand with Batteries, DC Transformer Single Motor, and Solar Power Kit.
  • A Single Channel RF Wall Switch and Five Channel RF Wall Switch are also available, allowing for easy access controls on your wall.
  • Use an RF timer to pre-program your cheap motorized shades and operate them at a particular time of the day. This makes your room safe from the outsiders when you are not at home.
  • Installing and cleaning procedures are very easy and smooth. By following some basic rules, you can do these simple tasks on your own.

Motorized composite blinds are the alternative of motorized wood blinds, designed to be more durable and more affordable when you are on a budget. Order these Graber motorized blinds and get them delivered free to your doorstep as ZebraBlinds offers you free samples, free shipping, and easy customization for your comfort and convenience!

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